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Agricultural Seeds

Seeds are the primary basis for human sustenance.They are the repository of the genetic potential of crop species and their varieties resulting from the continuous improvement and selection over time.Crop improvement and the delivery of high quality seeds and planting materials of selected varieties to growers is necessary for ensuring improved crop production and meeting growing environmental challenges.Food security therefore is dependent on the seed security of farming communities. Seed is the most important and vital input for agricultural production. In fact, it is the most cost efficient means of increasing agricultural production and productivity. Seeds Efficacy of other agricultural inputs in enhancing productivity and production, such as fertilizers, pesticides and irrigation is largely determined by the quality of seed. Quality of seed accounts for twenty to twenty five percent of productivity. It is, therefore, important that quality seeds are made available to the farmers of the country. The Indian Seeds programme recognizes three generations of seeds, namely, breeder, foundation and certified seeds. The Department of Agriculture and Co-operation is implementing a Central Sector Scheme as ‘Development and Strengthening of Infrastructure Facilities for Production and Distribution of Quality Seeds’ since 2005-06 for the whole country. The objective of the ongoing scheme is to ensure production and multiplication of high yielding certified/quality seeds of all crops in sufficient quantities and make the seeds available to farmers, including those in remote areas, not easily accessible by rail/road on time and at affordable price.

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