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Agricultural Tools Machinery

Farm machinery is machinery manufactured in farming or other agribusiness. There are the new agricultural machines available to farmers. Agricultural machines with their names and uses. The following is the use of machines in doing various types of work depending on their functions. The first of farm machinery in agriculture is a tractor. A tractor is a vehicle intended for drawing, towing, pushing or pulling something which cannot propel itself and, often, powering it too. In addition, tractor serves to deliver a high tractive effort (or torque) at slow speeds, for the purposes of hauling a trailer or machinery used in agriculture or construction. The second of farm machinery in agriculture is sprayer, as like as blowersprayer and agricultural aircraftsprayer. A sprayer is a piece of agricultural equipment used primarily to apply herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers to agricultural crops. The third of farm machinery in agriculture is combines. A combine is a machine that "combines" the tasks of harvesting, threshing, and cleaning grain plants. The fourth of farm machinery in agriculture is cotton harvester. A cotton harvester is a machine that automates cotton harvesting. The fifth of farm machinery in agriculture is field cultivator. A field cultivator is a farm implement for stirring and pulverizing the soil, either before planting or to remove weeds and to aerate and loosen the soil after the crop has begun to grow. The main function of the field cultivator is to prepare a proper seedbed for the crop to be planted into, to bury crop residue in the soil (helping to warm the soil before planting), to control weeds, and to mix and incorporate the soil to ensure the growing crop has enough water and nutrients to grow well during the growing season. The sixth of farm machinery in agriculture are cutters and shredders. Cutters and shredders are farming implements used to “cut or shred” unwanted weeds or other vegetative growth. The seventh of farm machinery in agriculture is ATV. The term "All-Terrain Vehicle" or ATV is used in a general sense to describe any of a number of small open motorized buggies and tricycles designed for off-road use. The eight of farm machinery in agriculture is wheel tractor-scrapper. A wheel tractor-scraper is a piece of heavy equipment used for earthmoving. These can made available as per farmer’s crop pattern also. Theses are suitable for weed removing operation in crop row of width 1.5’ and above. It remove weed from roots 1.5 to 2” deep, Scraper blade sharp edge cut removed weeds in to small pieces and due to rotary motion, it get buried in to soil. Thus improve soil condition by adding green manure. The ninth of farm machinery in agriculture are planters and seeders. Planters and seeders are mechanical devices that automatically plants seeds in the ground.

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