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This letter should be valid for five years. But it will be renuable in every year. every year renewal should have You have to show sufficient Field officer for the area you have choosen,then the permission will be given by Jn Enterprise. You or your Field Office don’t do this kind of activity .
bullet Behave in a discoureteous manner with the prospect.
bullet Render necessary assistance to the resident in complying with requirements for Activation for Kisan Suraksha Card.
bullet Mislead any false/unauthorized commitment on behalf of Jn Enterprise.
bullet Act in any manner Which will affect the reputation of jn Enterprise.
bulletInduce the prospect to submit any wrong information or documents.
bullet Use obsence ,profane or abusive language and/or hold out any threats.
bullet Divulgeunauthorized information,written or spoken to any customer or any other borrower,guarantor or any other person.
bullet You will be maintain utmost secrecy in respect of Project & company Documents.
bullet Mislead the prospect on any service/product offered.
bullet Collect only sms made charges from the prospect ( not more than that ) which have been specified by Jn Enterprise.Except 309/- rupess you will collect Customer’s POI,POA , mobile Number and one copy recent photo .
bullet Respect the Resident’s privacy.
bullet Senior Block coordinator/Block Coordinator and Area coordinator have to deposit Rs. 309/- rupees for the Self Insurance policy and system Generated Identity card. This amount is variable time to time

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